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About us
Lingvoexpert is a full-service Translation Company which specializes in language translations for different businesses. We support many languages - Western European, Asian and rare languages such as Swahili or Kurdish. We offer language translation services for corporate clients and individuals all around the world. If you need a quality translation for a great price, you have reached to the right place. We are glad to help you!
All services are performed by a powerful team of experienced translators, interpreters, proofreaders, trained and experienced in every discipline, and quality assurance managers with a solid professional background.
We focus intensely on carefully selecting a translator with the proper experience and background, as well as a good grasp of any relevant terminology.
Our translators are also, naturally, native speakers of the respective target language.
Our staff keep abreast of terminology in these rapidly changing fields. We evaluate new dictionaries and purchase them if they meet our language standards. We also utilize Translation memory and the latest specialized glossaries published on the Internet. We constantly update our technical process. And because your needs may be different from those of any other client for language services, we build and maintain a customized list of the terms used in each clients texts.
We help our clients realize and expand their global potential with high-quality, comprehensive language services.
Our priorities:
1. Superior Quality. Professional and competent editors thoroughly check every translation work to achieve the highest quality possible. We are dedicated to high quality translations. No students, no rookies, no outsiders - we employ only professional and experienced translators with extensive knowledge of relevant businesses and terminology. Moreover, our bank of translation memories and real-word term glossaries makes it possible to maximize terminology consistency and translation adequacy.
2. Availability. If you use Internet, you can contact us online. This is a very fast and convenient way to do business with us.
You may get your Free quote now!
3. Reliability. We always meet deadlines for all orders from our clients.
4. Price. Our rates are the most affordable among translation agencies in Russia and worldwide. Save more on translation through the Internet and our company!
We are perfecting the quality and extending the package of services on a going basis.
We make much effort to create stable relationships with every client.

Project Management and Quality Control

Here we have worked out in-house translation quality control system.
Every Lingvoexpert project, regardless of size, is given a project manager who is responsible for understanding and managing each nuance and detail. Project managers are available every step of the way to answer questions and make sure the project meets both expectations and deadlines.
We are also proud to provide our very own customized online translation management (OTM) for every client. OTM creates a real-time interface between your company and ours, allowing you to place and track orders online.
Our in-house quality control and high standards assure that the product is ideal. The project manager checks that translations meet layout and language requirements. Additionally, a third linguist edits the translation, checking style, terminology and consistency.
If you need DTP service professional pagemakers will compose your translation in Adobe Acrobat, QuarkXpress, Page Maker.

Final formatting in accordance with the clients needs.
Our work process includes high technology and text processing methods.
Translation is a matter of trust. Lingvoexpert Translation Company is your reliable language partner whom you can trust to translate with a thorough understanding of project style, objectives, audience and terminology.
Request your Free quote today or contact us with your projects specifications.
We are committed to building strong client relationships!





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