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Proofreading is necessary to check your paper for inconsistencies, ambiguous vocabulary and all other things which can tarnish your good image. It is not something that could be taken lightly. Instead, proofreading services can enormously improve your writing and give it a sense of comprehensibility and coherence.

Efficiently translated and proofread documents play a crucial role in your Companys success since you stake your professional reputation on the accuracy of the translated document. With our top-quality proofreading services you can rest assured that the target document is error-free and is thoroughly checked for uniformity. With quality being central to the way we work, our proofreaders ensure the perfection and excellence of the final document.

Our proofreading services include:
  • highlighting grammatical blunders and showing how to correct them
  • correcting spelling, word usage, and punctuation errors
  • eliminating redundancies, correcting faulty pluralism
  • avoiding sexism, racism, or other pejorative language
  • making the final document sound as if it had been originally written in the target language

A professional delivery of proofreading services is what distinguishes us from other translation companies. We edit and fine-tune your writing with an objective eye. Our Team of native freelance translators ensures that the proofread documents get the best reception possible in the todays ultra-competitive world.


Translation is much more than the conversion of words from one language into another: It is the art of making this conversion properly and tastefully.

An important part of this process is taking the time to edit the translated file before it is finalized. Because of our belief in the importance of having a “second pair of eyes” view a translation, Lingvoexpert extends its language services into the post-translation area.

We can help you perfect and polish your project with our expert editing services. We have the linguists and resources to check every aspect of a text, from grammar to style, consistency to organization.

As part of our editing, we will check the layout and typesetting of any document and make suggestions for localization where necessary. We would also be glad to provide feedback on the work of your regular translators for purposes of quality control.

DTP - Multilingual Desktop Publishing and design

Translation text may be in any file format. In accordance with your needs, your translated text can be delivered in the original or in any other format. We provide basic MS Word DTP, as well as DTP of any difficulty in publishing software packages, including QuarkXPress, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Interleaf, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Freehand, PhotoShop, AutoCAD and others.





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Our price policy is built up in such a way that a modern dynamic company as well as a private person could work with us comfortably...

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